Dog finally reunion with his best friend

By 17/01/2022Dog

When a rescue shelter takes in a stray dog, they often have no idea about the animal’s history.

Many homeless dogs are presumed to be abandoned – due to the sad fact that even in this modern age, people still choose to abandon their pets. If the animal hasn’t been microchipped, the shelter’s next job is to make sure the animal is comfortable and has any wounds treated before they can go on to be adopted.

So when a skinny, frail-looking dog with matted fur was brought into a rescue shelter in Ukraine, shelter workers took one look at the dog’s sorry state and decided that there was no way he could have an owner. As he wasn’t chipped, the shelter shared photos of the dog online in the hopes that he would be adopted- but something else happened after they posted the pictures!

Two years after her pooch had gone missing, a woman came forward and claimed the dog as her own – and the pair ended up having an emotional reunion.

The touching video was shared onto the shelter’s Facebook page, and it’s sweet enough to melt even the coldest of hearts.

The power of social media struck again when the Ukraine rescue center shared pictures of the blue-eyed scruffy dog onto their Facebook page.

Within hours, the post had been shared by hundreds of people all around the world. Despite being in a bad way, people fell in love with the dog’s kind eyes, and people shared the post in the hopes that somebody would see the post and adopt the sweet pup.

Two days after posting the adorable snaps, the shelter received a surprise message from a woman who claimed to have had her dog stolen from her backyard in 2017.

The woman explained that the dog on the pictures looked incredibly similar to her old dog, and after her sister had sent the adoption appeal over to her, the woman was determined to see the dog for herself.
“She’d been looking for her dog for two years,” Galina Lekunova

Despite now living in Australia, the woman wanted to visit her dog as soon as possible, so the next day, they met for the first time in two years – and it was instantly clear that the pair certainly had a history.

As soon as he sees his old owner, the little dog’s tail wags so hard that his whole body moves.

He immediately jumps up to put his front paws onto his owner’s shoulders, as if to say, “I’ve missed you, mom.”


Credit: animalchannel

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