Inseparable pit bull pair need to be adopted together

By 15/01/2022Dog

Going into a shelter for the first time must be scary for any animal, so it’s natural for them to cling onto any source of comfort they can find.

That comfort could be found in a soft blanket, a special toy, or a cozy bed, and it takes most animals a long time to fully relax in their new living quarters.

So when two pit bulls arrived in a shelter in Tucson, Arizona, their source of comfort just so happened to be each other. From the moment they arrived, the two dogs wouldn’t leave one another’s side, and they cuddled up to each other every day. It was pretty clear that they would have to be adopted together – but would there be a family willing to take them in?

Despite shelter workers not knowing much about the history of the two buddies, Agatha and Jukebox were presumed to have found each other on the streets. They were brought into the shelter together, and it was instantly clear to see what a special bond the pair had with each other.

Even though there was more than enough space for the dogs to have their own rooms, the two pups insisted on sharing one little bed, and they snuggled up with their paws wrapped around each other in the most adorable way.

As it’s difficult to adopt two dogs together, shelter workers were interested to see how Agatha and Jukebox would do by themselves. But when they tried to separate the two best friends, they looked for each other as if they were lost. It became clear that these two buddies were with each other for life.

The two dogs stayed at Pima County Animal Care Center for a long time, waiting patiently for someone to come along who would be happy to adopt both of them.

And one day, they finally received some interest. Erin and Ubaldo came across some photos of Agatha and Jukebox that had been posted by the rescue shelter, and they instantly knew that they had to pay the two buddies a visit.

“The house has been too quiet since our (old) dog passed, and we hope that they’ll make us whole again,” Ubaldo said, whilst Erin added, “It’s pretty neat how they just fell in love with each other, and seeing how close they were, there’s no way that we could break that bond.”

After meeting the two dogs for the first time, Erin and Ubaldo fell in love with the sweet companionship that the buddies provided for each other, and they knew straight away that they were going to adopt them.

When the day came for them to take the dogs home, news spread fast around the shelter, and each member of staff was overjoyed that the two long-stayers had finally found their perfect family. It gave them hope for all the rest of the dogs.
“When we see a pair get to spend the rest of their lives together like these two, it is everything. It means that hard work to keep them together really did pay off,” one shelter worker said.

The sweet video shows the dogs as they are welcomed into their new home for the first time, and their pure excitement brings a tear to our eye. The two buddies check out each room together, and it doesn’t take them long to settle into their new life.

“Once we opened the door and let them in the house, they were just like ‘oh my gosh we have a home,’” Erin recalled. “They have found their forever home.”


Credit: animalchannel

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