This dog looks just like a mother to its little owner

By 11/01/2022Dog

Stop whatever it is you’re doing right now. These two are sure to melt that tired heart of yours and may even have you playing it back over and over again with a smile on your face.

Golden Retrievers are such beautiful dogs (they all are) and there’s a reason they are one of the more preferred breeds in terms of pet ownership. Just watch this dog and his little human.

This adorable dog takes care of the little girl as if it were her own!
He is a heck of a babysitter alright. This golden boy stays by her side wherever she goes without being too intrusive or overprotective. He puts a protective paw on her as she looks out a window!

And when the little girl needs new clothes, guess who goes to the closet for them! Of course, this little lady takes some time before she finally finishes putting on her socks. She’s still a child but the dog… That yawn says it all.

So the dog decides to lay down for a bit but as soon as he does, the little girl finishes putting on those socks and climbs down from the bed, using her furry friend as a cushion to catch her.

When this adorable little girl decides to go to the bathroom to brush her teeth, captain canine brings a step stool so she can reach the sink. And once again, he puts a paw behind her for security reasons!

Golden boy looks up at the camera every once in awhile as if to ask, Am I doing a good job? You bet you are, buddy!

It’s a moment that’s captured the eyes of over 2.3 million viewers with around 28,000 likes. Now just look at that proud smile! He’s definitely golden!

Pretty amazing to see this kind of disciplined behavior. Must have been a lot of love and training for this dog to be following his little human around like this. I want one.

If only all the caretakers and babysitters in the world were like this dog. Imagine how happy everyone would be. Plus, at the end of the day, they get free hugs!

As a reward for his faithfulness, she shares her food with him. Such a sweet little darling!

When his little human falls asleep, he puts a paw on her head. Now it’s not clear why but perhaps he’s just making sure she’s sound asleep. Maybe that’s his way of giving her his love.

The best part is that he goes off to find a blanket, comes back and actually drapes it over the little girl.

Like the faithful guardian that he is, this precious dog stays by her side the whole time she stays asleep. He may be a gentle, loving pet but I get the feeling he’ll lunge at anyone who goes near her.


Credit: animalchannel

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